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Nick and his family


Visiting our website leads me to believe that either you or someone you know and love is struggling with alcoholism and/or drug addiction.  The ramifications of abusing these chemicals are severe and they bring “wreckage” to individuals, marriages, and families.  The pain and devastation that is caused by abusing them seems to be insurmountable.  I want you to know that there is hope; there is a way out. 


You have found a special place that empathizes with your dilemma and we also firmly believe you can overcome this affliction.  I, myself, have been rescued, redeemed, and restored from a 10-year, self-inflicted, bondage to cocaine. 
I entered this program in 1998 a broken man, full of shame, and without hope.  I didn’t believe I could change nor did I embrace that there could ever be a healthy future for me.  I learned quickly there was hope and change was possible through an authentic, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Since then, His Word has proved true to me. 


I have been set free and my life is genuinely abundant.  He breathed life into my soul, enriched my relationships, and has given me opportunities to give back just a little of what was given to me.  This has not only happened in my life, but it happens every day here at Dunklin.  All of our staff members have gone through the program themselves over the years.  We understand what you are facing and we are experientially aware of what it takes to have victory. 


We are a “city of refuge” established in 1962 by our founders, Mickey and Laura Maye Evans, to help men trapped in addiction.  We believe that you can have a new life, one that is built upon the foundation of God’s Word.  Through this transforming, powerful relationship with Christ, we believe you can become a regenerated man and part of the solution rather than the problem.  We have witnessed thousands of men walk in our doors as addicts and alcoholics and develop into godly husbands, fathers, and leaders in the communities around them.  If this is what you desire in your heart then you are in the right place. This could be the first day of an entirely different life for you if you so choose.


We look forward to meeting you!


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