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One thing that makes Dunklin unique in the recovery world, is our relentless commitment to not only helping the man in chemical addiction but also the loved ones he has effected. Over the years we have seen God faithfully

rescue, redeem, and restore many marriages.


The first phase of the Family Recovery Process includes a series of classes such as

Co-dependency, Forgiveness, the Bottle Family (The Portrait of the Dysfunctional Family) and Reconciliation. Classes are held on Sunday mornings and small groups gather in the afternoon. These groups are essential in the healing process allowing the husband and wife to deal with the presenting problems of anger, rejection, abandonment and the deep hurt that stems from chemical addiction.

Once the couple has completed this phase they are ready to move to the Advance Marriage Class.


Advanced Marriage takes a couple into the deeper areas of marriage to discover what it means to have a Christ-centered relationship. It’s as though they enter the class carrying an empty “toolbox” without the tools required to get the marriage-building job done. Through the classes and exercises, husbands and wives learn “tools” to use each day as they build and maintain a biblical foundation for their marriage and family.  These “tools” will be used to discuss topics such as finances, accountability, household, and parental responsibilities as they prepare for the husband to exit the program. Strong foundations are laid discovering what spiritual intimacy in marriage is all about.  Week by week God equips and trains the husband and wife in the “how to’s” of doing marriage a new way…His way!


Parent classes are offered every other Sunday at Dunklin in the print shop between 9:00 -10:45 am.

This class is to be used as a resource for parents who have walked through addiction with their children and are seeking to start their healing journey and process from hurts and disappointments.  


For more information and to find out what weeks they are meeting, call Christie Murrow at (772) 597-2841

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