[10 WEEKS]

Stage II is a ten-week class that is encouraged for graduates who are single. This period of time offers additional support for the men to learn and walk in their new belief system by providing them more freedom and support. We found that this phase is a much needed time for the men to make choices for their future and acclimate themselves back into their community. Here they are given opportunity to consider community resources such as a phase two program like Liberty Lodge, in Titusville, FL. In this phase of the program, they are encouraged to see if they are called to Servant Leadership Training.




graduated from DUNKLIN in 2014

[1 YEAR]

This advanced training introduces a man to the concept of becoming a servant in Christ and provides an amplified look at the cost of discipleship. He learns the proper use of his spiritual gifts and how to facilitate small groups as he deepens his understanding of his call to ministry and mission.

S.L.T. is a one-year commitment for men who are called into the recovery ministry. It is an intense training period where only the highest caliber of character is permitted. This is a combination of intense studies, internship, and mentoring.

In S.L.T. the men go back through all the classes, however, this time assisting in the teaching and counseling of the men in the Regeneration Program. They work hand in hand with class counselors in an intern relationship where they learn first-hand how best to minister and develop positive and healthy confrontational skills. Thus, directly benefiting the men in the program. We have found that there is no substitute or limitation to this type of hands on training.

The education and curriculum that is taught in the S.L.T. classes has been developed over fifty years of working with men in addiction. Men have gone on from our training program to work around the world in recovery ministry.

[1 YEAR]

At this point in training a man has determined he feels called to recovery ministry and is committed to being further trained to prepare for this call.